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Name: Serge Benichou Discipline: Virology
Academic degree: Pharm.D, PhD Academic title: Professor
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Position: Visiting Professor
E-mail: serge.benichou@inserm.fr
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-1989-1993: PhD in Virology, University of Paris, Institut Pasteur Paris, France. 

-1981-1986: School of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences, University of Paris, France. Doctorate Thesis defended in 1989.
Professional appointments:

  -2007-2013. Principal Investigator, Team Leader, Cochin Institute, Department of Immunology, Infection and Inflammation, INSERM/CNRS/University of Paris, France. 

  -2005-2007. Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Team Leader, Cochin Institute, INSERM/CNRS/University of Paris, France. 

  -2003. Visiting Professor in the laboratories of Prs J. Guatelli (UCSD, La Jolla, USA) and P. Greengard (Rockefeller University, New York, USA). 

  -1996-2005. Principal Investigator, Team Leader, Department of Infectious Diseases, INSERM/CNRS/University of Paris, Cochin Institute, France. 

  -1993-1996. Research Associate, INSERM, Cochin Institute, Paris, France. 

  -1989-1993. PhD fellow, Department of Retrovirology, Pasteur Institute, Paris. 

-1986-1988. Resident, Internal Clinical Pharmacy in Public Parisian Hospitals, France.
Research direction: Virus and Intracellular Trafficking
Awards & Honors:

-2012. Awarded for a "1st-class" Director position at CNRS (French National Academic Institution for Scientific Research). 

-2011: Awarded as“Excellence Scientist” by CNRS.
Research grants:
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