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Name: Brigitte Gicquel Discipline: Bacteriology
Academic degree: Ph.D. and State doctorate Academic title: Professor
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Position: principal investigator
E-mail: bgicquel@pasteur.fr
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Education: Master : Biological Sciences, University of Paris VII, France1968 - 1973
PhD Biological Sciences, University of Paris VII, France1973 - 1977
Doctoral Thesis, University of Paris VII, France 1977-1983
Professional appointments: 1971 – 1974 Teacher of biological sciences
1974 – 1978 Graduate student, University Center of Hospital Cochin
1978 – 1991 Assistant professor
1991 – 1994 Head of the Laboratory, Institut Pasteur
203 Visiting Professor University of Medicine and Dentistery New Jersey, USA
2003-2005 Director of the Department of Microbiology, Institut Pasteur
2012-2014 CAS visiting professor
Since 1994 Head of the Unit of the Mycobacterial Genetics Unit
Since 1998 Professor at the Institut Pasteur and Head of the Mycobacterial Genetics Unit
Research direction: Emerging Bacterial Pathogens Unit
Awards & Honors: -Award Alexandre Joannides from the French Academy of Science November 2002
-Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (2004)
-Award Sustainable development from the Foundation Ecology and development, Spain (2006)
-Canetti Award (2008)
-Member of EMBO
Research grants:

Coordinator of the tuberculosis (TB) Vaccine cluster the TB ETHICS project of the European Commission (EC)

Coordinator of the europeanproject EUMEDNET vs TB (EC)

Coordinator of the OFID project of OPEC 《Upgrade laboratory Network for TuberculosisDiagnosis and Drug testing in Africa 》(ongoing)

Coordinator of the NAREB 《Nanotherapeutcs for resistantemergingbacterialpathogens》(EC) (ongoing)

Membership in professional associations: Member of ASM, SFM and EMBO
Link: www.moleculartb.org