Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators
Name: Richard LO-MAN
Unit Name: Unit of Immunity and Pediatric Infectious Diseases

I developed my scientific career in the field of immunology in many areas, encompassing vaccine science, cancer immunotherapy, and pediatric infectious diseases, from basic science to clinical human studies.


Research Topic:

The general purpose of my current studies is to fullfill the gaps of knowledge of the immune system during the first 1,000 days of life in the evolving context of the microbial colonization following birth. The use of high-end technologies in pediatric immunology offers a potent mean to investigate the impact of human microbiota on child health and disease. My latest achievements concern the characterization of immune biomarkers of disease severity in bronchiolitis and in neonatal sepsis, with a particular focus on unique regulatory aspects of the perinatal immune system. The contribution of environmental factors during pregnancy, such as mild or chronic infectious diseases, malnutrition or medication, in the development of the newborn immunity, represents an important line of research as well.


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Team Members:

Richard LO-MAN: Principal Investigator


Shijie GONG
Zihan HE

Qisheng GU



Cynthia-Dewi BETTER


Zhicheng HUANG


Selected Bibliography :

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