Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators
Name: Daniel FALUSH
Unit Name: Unit of Statistical Genetics of Bacteria

BA Mathematics, University of Cambridge 1991

PhD Genetics, UCL 1998

Japan Society for Promotion of Science Postdoctoral fellow, Kyushu University 1998-2000

Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow, University of Oxford 2003-2007

MRC CLiMB Fellow, University of Bath 2014-2019


Research Topic:

We develop new statistical genetic methods for analyzing large scale genomic and metagenomic datasets from many different organisms and systems. Our specific biological research focus is to understand the causes and consequences of genetic variation within highly recombining species such as Helicobacter pylori and Vibrio parahaemolyticus from historical, functional, medical, ecological and evolutionary perspectives.

Team Members:

Daniel FALUSH: Principal Investigator

Hongjin WU: Programmer

Wenxuan  XU: Research Assistant

Bin CHAO: Research Assistant

Roberto TORRES: Postdoctoral Fellow

Elise TOURRETTE: Postdoctoral Fellow


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