Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators
Name: Jean-Marc COLLARD
Unit Name: Unit of Experimental Bacteriology

-2020 (October 1st): Invited Professor and Principal investigator, Institut Pasteur Shanghai - Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai, China.
-2014-2020: Head of the Experimental Bacteriology Unit at Pasteur Institute of Madagascar.
-2013-2014: Crisis manager of the Scientific Institute of Public Health, Brussels, Belgium.
-2008-2013: Head of the Biology Unit at the CERMES, Niamey, Niger.
-2001-2008: Head of the Bacteriology Division of the Scientific Institute of Public Health, Brussels, Belgium.
-1989-1993: Post-doctoral position and researcher at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), Mol, Belgium.
-1989: Ph.D. in Life Sciences, University of Liège, Belgium.


Research Topic:

The Experimental bacteriology laboratory (EBL) aims to decipher key ecological rules driving the maturation steps of the intestinal microbiota from the neonatal period to the age of 3 when it reaches its steady state. In a developmental perspective, EBL will identify constraints, environmental cues, and individual/collective dynamics driving the stepwise construction of the gut bacterial ecosystem. On this basis, EBL will address the dynamics of constitution of dysbiosis seen as a stalled maturation process with possible consequences on disease programming later in life.  
To achieve these goals, EBL is developing an innovative combination of culturomics, metataxonomics and single cell analysis to deeply interrogate the construction of bacterial consortia and the resulting prokaryote-prokaryote episymbotic and exclusion events that support bacterial assembly. 
EBL scientists work in close collaboration with other groups, developing microfluidic and organ-on-chip technologies, gnotobiology, omics and high-resolution photon microscopy.

So far, la lab is able to perform the isolation of strict and facultative anaerobes but also microaerophilic and aerobic bacteria and fungi from the gut microbiota and breast milk with

-30 different pre-enrichment conditions (24-96 h) which

    +Target the low abundant bacteria
+Allow the slow-growth/fastidious bacteria to grow
+Allow the growth of Spore-forming bacteria
+Inhibit the frequent/fast-growth bacteria
+Allow the growth of Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria

-350 culture conditions (agar plates)
    +Commercial media powders: 50 
    +Blood: Sheep, horse & Rabbit (sera) 
    +Sterilized rumen fluid
    +Antibiotics: 10 (AMG, C3, C2, FLQ, CAR)
    +Vitamins: Vitamin K1, group B, C, E 
    +Reagents and additives: more than 50
    +Sugars, amino acids, salts & ions

Unit Logo:

Team Members:

Jean-Marc COLLARD - Head - ORCID iD 0000-0002-1490-3978; Scopus: Author ID: 7103192085 h-index : 29; 2831 citations 

Khashayar Shahin -Post-doc- ORCID iD 0000-0001-5994-1954; h-index: 10 ; 250 citations

赵亮 (Liang Zhao) - Lab manager

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