Lanfeng Wang    Ph.D.
structural biology of pathogenic mechanism
Hong Tang    PhD
Infection and immunity
Dimitri LAVILLETTE    Ph. D.
Interspecies transmission of arboviruses and Therapeutics research
Haikun Wang    PhD
Immune Cell Differentiation and Molecular Regulation 
Brigitte Gicquel    Ph.D. and State doctorate
Emerging Bacterial Pathogens Unit
Chiyu Zhang    
Pei Hao    
Serge Benichou    Pharm.D, PhD
Virus and Intracellular Trafficking
Changbin Chen    Ph.D.
Molecular mechanisms of pathogenic fungal infection, commensalism and host immunity
Gang Long    Ph.D.
Molecular virology of HCV
Xiaozhen Liang    Ph.D.
virus-associated lymphomagenesis
Lubin Jiang    PhD
human parasite molecular and cell biology
Xia Jin    MD, Ph.D.
Viral Disease and vaccine Translational
Zhikang Qian    Ph.D.
 herpesvirus and molecular virology research
Xiaoming Zhang    Ph.D.
Innate Defense and Immune Modulation
Xiao Su    M.D., Ph.D.

Neuroimmune regulation of lung infection and inflammation

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